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  • Domestic source of phosphorus to sewage treatment works 

    Comber, Sean; Gardner, Michael; Georges, Karyn; Blackwood, David J.; Gilmour, Daniel J. (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Phosphorus is an element essential for life. Concerns regarding long-term security of supply and issues related to eutrophication of surface waters once released into the aquatic environment have led governments to consider ...
  • Enhancement of water treatment sustainability through dynamic visualisation & modelling 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J.; Comber, Sean; Whitehead, Paul (Acqua Consultoria, 2011-09)
    The Water Framework Directive (WFD) proscribes specific levels of contaminates present in rivers and lakes in the UK, these contaminants come from a wide range of sources such as food additives present in faeces, agricultural ...