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  • Limitation of biosurfactant strength produced by bacteria 

    Fechtner, Joanna; Cameron, Scott; Deeni, Yusuf Y.; Hapca, Simona M.; Kabir, Kamaluddeen; Mohammed, Ibrahim U.; Spiers, Andrew J. (Nova Science Publishers, 2017-01-01)
    Biosurfactants which reduce the surface or interfacial tension of liquids and act as emulsifiers, foaming and dispersing agents with low toxicity, are finding increasing applications in biotechnology and driving the search ...
  • Surfactants expressed by soil pseudomonads alter local soil-water distribution, suggesting a hydrological role for these compounds 

    Fechtner, Joanna; Koza, Anna; Dello Sterpaio, Patricia; Hapca, Simona M.; Spiers, Andrew J. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2011-10)
    Several biological roles have been demonstrated for surfactants expressed by soil and rhizosphere Pseudomonas spp., but the impact of these powerful surface-active agents on the local soil–water distribution within the ...