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  • Combined anaerobic–aerobic SBR for the treatment of piggery wastewater 

    Bernet, Nicolas; Delgenes, N.; Akunna, Joseph C.; Delgenes, J. P.; Moletta, René (Elsevier, 2000-02)
    Biological treatment of a piggery wastewater for organic carbon and nitrogen removal in a combined anaerobic–aerobic system was investigated using two laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactors. The cycle length was 24 h. ...
  • Combined organic carbon and complete nitrogen removal using anaerobic and aerobic upflow filters 

    Akunna, Joseph C.; Bizeau, C.; Moletta, René; Bernet, Nicolas; Héduit, Alain (IWA Publishing, 1994)
    Two laboratory upflow aerobic and anaerobic filters fed with synthetic wastewaters were used to study firstly the effects of aeration rate on the nitrification of anaerobically pre-treated effluents and secondly the effects ...
  • Effect of nitrate on methanogenesis at low redox potential 

    Akunna, Joseph C.; Bernet, Nicolas; Moletta, René (Taylor & Francis, 1998-12)
    Batch tests were used to study the contribution of redox potential to the inhibition of methanogenesis by nitrates. Using cultures containing cysteine solution which lowered the redox potential to about -300 mV, it was ...