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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
200501-CTS-21-TA, Performance and whole life costs of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)Lampe, L.; Barrett, M.; Woods-Ballard, B.; Martin, P.; Jefferies, Christopher; Hollon, M.Report
200401-CTS-21T, Post-project monitoring of BMPs/SUDS to determine performance and whole-life costsLampe, L.; Barrett, M.; Woods-Ballard, B.; Martin, P.; Glass, C.; Weinstein, N.; Jefferies, ChristopherReport
2011125th anniversary review: fuel alcohol: current production and future challengesWalker, Graeme M.Journal Article
20033D bulk measurements of the force distribution in a compressed emulsion systemBrujic, Jasna; Edwards, Sam F.; Grinev, Dmitri V.; Hopkinson, Ian; Brujic, Djordje; Makse, Hernán A.Journal Article
Apr-2009Accumulation and cellular distribution of zinc by brewing yeastDe Nicola, Raffaele; Walker, Graeme M.Journal Article
Jan-1997Accumulation of magnesium ions during fermentative metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeWalker, Graeme M.; Maynard, A. I.Journal Article
Feb-2011Accurate determination of plastic collapse loads from finite element analysesDoerich, Cornelia; Rotter, J. M.Journal Article
2010Activated carbon cloth: a potential adsorbing/oxidizing catalyst for phenolic wastewaterChand, Rashmi; Molina, Raul; Johnson, Ian; Hans, Anna; Bremner, David H.Journal Article
2001Addressing attendanceSimpson, EdwardConference Paper
2008Advanced Fenton processing of aqueous phenol solutions: a continuous system study including sonication effectsNamkung, Kyu-Cheol; Burgess, Arthur E.; Bremner, David H.; Staines, Harry J.Journal Article
14-Oct-2009AFM discriminates between normal urothelial cells and bladder tumour cellsCanetta, Elisabetta; Adya, Ashok K.; Riches, Andrew; Herrington, Simon; Dholakia, KishanConference Poster
Oct-2012Against homeopathy - a utilitarian perspectiveSmith, Kevin R.Journal Article
Mar-2010Anaerobic digestion of distillery spent wash: influence of enzymatic pre-treatment of intact yeast cellsMallick, P.; Akunna, Joseph C.; Walker, Graeme M.Journal Article
2007Anaerobic digestion of municipal solid wastes containing variable proportions of waste typesAkunna, Joseph C.; Abdullahi, Y. A.; Stewart, N. A.Journal Article
May-1996Analysis of the kinetic patterns of horseradish peroxidase thermal inactivation in sodium phosphate buffer solutions of different ionic strengthSaraiva, Jorge; Oliveira, Jorge C.; Lemos, Adília; Hendrickx, MarcJournal Article
Feb-2004Analytical response time estimation in parallel relational database systemsTomov, N.; Dempster, Euan W.; Williams, M. H.; Burger, A.; Taylor, H.; King, P. J. B.; Broughton, P.Journal Article
Jul-2010Anhydrobiosis in yeast: influence of calcium and magnesium ions on yeast resistance to dehydration–rehydrationTrofimova, Yuliya; Walker, Graeme M.; Rapoport, AlexanderJournal Article
2008Animal genetic manipulation: a utilitarian responseSmith, Kevin R.Book chapter
Jun-2008Anomalous therapies and public health: a utilitarian bioethical responseSmith, Kevin R.Journal Article
1995Anti-Candida activity of a novel killer toxin from the yeast Williopsis mrakiiHodgson, Valerie J.; Button, David; Walker, Graeme M.Journal Article
Showing results 1 to 20 of 371
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