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  • Injury occurrence and mood states during a desert ultramarathon 

    Graham, Scott M.; McKinley, Mairi; Chris, Connaboy C.; Westbury, Tony; Baker, Julien S.; Kilgore, Lon; Florida-James, Geraint (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2012-11)
    Objective: To describe injuries and illnesses presented and profile mood states and sleep patterns during a desert environment ultramarathon. Design: Prospective study gathering data on mood states and injury patterns. Setting: ...
  • Physical self-presentation and competitive anxiety in male master divers 

    Lorimer, Ross; Westbury, Tony (Ammons Scientific, 2006-12)
    This study investigated the link between physical self-presentation issues and competitive anxiety in male, master level, high-board divers (N=84, M age=29.25, SD=14.25). Competitive trait anxiety, social physique anxiety, ...