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  • Session: management of drainage near source – disconnection/minimise surface water entering public drainage 

    Smith, K. W. S.; Jefferies, Christopher; Blackwood, David J. (IAHR/IWA, 2008-08)
    Many combined sewer networks are currently constrained due to lack of capacity. Surface water entering the network may have an impact on the local environment by causing additional spills from Combined Sewer Overflows ...
  • Streaming and 3D mapping of agri-data on mobile devices 

    Stojanovic, V.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Isaacs, John P.; Blackwood, David J.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Kiezebrink, D.; Wilson, J. (Elsevier, 2017-05-08)
    Farm monitoring and operations generate heterogeneous AGRI-data from a variety of different sources that have the potential to be delivered to users ‘on the go’ and in the field to inform farm decision making. A software ...
  • Sustainable decision making for the UK water industry 

    Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Butler, David; Davies, John; Jowitt, Paul; Smith, Heidi (Thomas Telford, 2003-03)
    Sustainable development serves as a comprehensive framework for the formation of policies and actions that integrate environmental, economic, and social issues. It recognises that the Earth's natural systems are not only ...
  • Sustainable development indicators for major infrastructure projects 

    Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J.; Banks, Les; Wilson, Fergus (Thomas Telford, 2011)
    The paper presents ongoing research to develop a sustainability enhancement framework for the major Dundee Central Waterfront urban re-development project. The enhancement concept recognises a need to ensure that sustainability ...
  • Sustainable disposal of domestic sanitary waste 

    Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Souter, Nicki; Hendry, Sarah; Moir, James; Dunkerley, Judith; Davies, John; Butler, David; Cook, Andrew; Conlin, Jim; Squibbs, Martin; Britton, Andrew; Goldie, Peter (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2005-02)
    The study presented is an example of the assessment of the relative sustainability of either option for disposal of domestic sanitary waste, either via the toilet or via the solid waste route. This required an evaluation ...
  • Sustainable urban development in practice: the SAVE concept 

    Blackwood, David J.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Isaacs, John P.; Kurka, Thomas; Falconer, Ruth E. (Pion, 2014)
    The need for sustainable development of the urban environment presents the research community with a number of challenges and opportunities. A considerable volume of research has been undertaken into the constituent parts ...
  • Sustainable urban developments: stakeholder engagement through 3D visualisation 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J. (IASTED and ACTA Press, 2010-02-17)
    Rapidly increasing urban populations are placing increased pressure on social, economic and environmental resources. For our cities to cope with this demand we must ensure that any growth is sustainable. Tools already exist ...
  • SWARD: decision support processes for the UK water industry 

    Butler, David; Jowitt, Paul; Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Davies, John; Oltean-Dumbrava, C.; McIlkenny, G.; Foxon, T. J.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Smith, Heidi; Cavill, S.; Leach, M.; Pearson, P.; Gouda, H.; Samson, W.; Souter, Nicki; Hendry, Sarah; Moir, James; Bouchart, Francois J.-C. (Emerald, 2003)
    In industrialised countries water service providers (WSPs) must provide an appropriate level of service with an acceptable performance at an acceptable cost to customers. In the UK a move towards sustainable development ...
  • Transformation in a changing climate: a research agenda 

    Fazey, Ioan; Moug, Peter; Allen, Simon; Beckmann, Kate; Blackwood, David J.; Bonaventura, Mike; Burnett, Kathryn; Danson, Mike; Falconer, Ruth E.; Gagnon, Alexandre S.; Harkness, Rachel; Hodgson, Anthony; Holm, Lorens; Irvine, Katherine N.; Low, Ragne; Lyon, Christopher; Moss, Anna; Moran, Clare; Naylor, Larissa; O’Brien, Karen; Russell, Shona; Skerratt, Sarah; Rao-Williams, Jennifer; Wolstenholme, Ruth (Taylor & Francis, 2017-04-09)
    The concept of transformation in relation to climate and other global change is increasingly receiving attention. The concept provides important opportunities to help examine how rapid and fundamental change to address ...
  • A unique approach to visualising sustainability in the built environment 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Blackwood, David J. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2008-07)
    Developing sustainable urban environments is complex as it requires consideration of interacting social, economic and environmental sustain ability factors. The task is made even more difficult by the wide variety of ...
  • Using interactive 3D visualisation to educate stakeholders in urban sustainability 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Isaacs, John P.; Blackwood, David J. (European Geosciences Union, 2010-05-04)
  • Visualisation & modelling for stakeholder education in sustainable water treatment 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J. (Copernicus GmbH (Copernicus Publications), 2011-04)
  • Visualisation for sustainable decision making 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Blackwood, David J.; Gilmour, Daniel J. (Abertay University, 2009-06-10)
    Sustainable decision making in urban design is a complex and non-linear process which requires the interaction of a wide variety of stakeholders. Tools to support the decision process are commonplace but are dominated by ...
  • Visualising Urban Sustainability 

    Isaacs, John P.; Falconer, Ruth E.; McNeish, Wallace; Fullwood, P.; Romilly, P.; Blackwood, David J. (Abertay University, 2008-03-03)
    Developing sustainable urban environments is complex and requires a number of factors – including social, economic and environmental sustainability - to be taken into account. This project is prototype software that produces ...
  • Vocational training and knowledge development: a deeper understanding 

    Gilmour, Daniel J.; Simpson, Edward; Blackwood, David J.; McCallum, Claire; Logan, George (ARCOM, 2016-09-05)
    Construction management research literature has identified the importance of understanding the practical realities of skills and training provision and the role of reflective practice in the development of knowledge. This ...