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  • Changes in women’s facial skin color over the ovulatory cycle are not detectable by the human visual system 

    Burriss, Robert P.; Troscianko, Jolyon; Lovell, P. George; Fulford, Anthony J. C.; Stevens, Martin; Quigley, Rachael; Payne, Jenny; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Rowland, Hannah M. (Public Library of Science, 2015-07-02)
    Human ovulation is not advertised, as it is in several primate species, by conspicuous sexual swellings. However, there is increasing evidence that the attractiveness of women’s body odor, voice, and facial appearance peak ...
  • Face, body and speech cues independently predict judgments of attractiveness 

    Saxton, Tamsin K.; Burriss, Robert P.; Murray, Alice K.; Rowland, Hannah M.; Roberts, S. Craig (Akadémiai Kiadó, 2009-03)
    Research on human attraction frequently makes use of single-modality stimuli such as neutral-expression facial photographs as proxy indicators of an individual’s attractiveness. However, we know little about how judgments ...
  • Static and dynamic facial images cue similar attractiveness judgements 

    Roberts, S. Craig; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Murray, Alice K.; Burriss, Robert P.; Rowland, Hannah M.; Little, Anthony C. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009-06)
    Approaches to the study of human mate preferences commonly involve judgements of facial photographs and assume that these judgements provide a reasonable reflection of how individuals would be perceived in real encounters. ...