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  • Towards an affective self-service agent 

    Martin, Christopher J.; Archibald, Jacqueline; Ball, Leslie D.; Carson, Lloyd (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2011-08-29)
    While emotional intelligence plays a key role in facilitating satisfactory interactions between people, its application is both underexplored and underexploited in Human-Computer Interaction. Self-service technology is ...
  • Towards the improvement of self-service systems via emotional virtual agents 

    Martin, Christopher J.; Ball, Leslie D.; Archibald, Jacqueline; Carson, Lloyd (British Informatics Society Limited (BISL), 2012)
    Affective computing and emotional agents have been found to have a positive effect on human-computer interactions. In order to develop an acceptable emotional agent for use in a self-service interaction, two stages of ...
  • Zoo visitors’ understanding of terms denoting research activity 

    Carson, Lloyd (SAGE, 2014-06)
    Zoos have increasingly sought to justify their existence by reference to a scientific role particularly in the domains of animal welfare and conservation. Given recent initiatives by the UK government to foster public ...