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  • Towards a general theory of biodiversity 

    Pachepsky, Elizaveta; Crawford, John W.; Bown, James L.; Squire, Geoff (Nature Publishing Group, 2001-04-19)
    The study of patterns in living diversity is driven by the desire to find the universal rules that underlie the organization of ecosystems. The relative abundance distribution, which characterizes the total number and ...
  • Towards an evolutionary ecology of life in soil 

    Crawford, John W.; Harris, J. A.; Ritz, K.; Young, Iain M. (Elsevier, 2005-02)
    The soil-microbe system is one of the most diverse components of the terrestrial ecosystem. The origin of this diversity, and its relation to the life-sustaining processes that are mediated by the resident microbial ...
  • Visualization, modelling and prediction in soil microbiology 

    O'Donnell, Anthony G.; Young, Iain M.; Rushton, Steven P.; Shirley, Mark D.; Crawford, John W. (Nature Publishing Group, 2007-09)
    The introduction of new approaches for characterizing microbial communities and imaging soil environments has benefited soil microbiology by providing new ways of detecting and locating microorganisms. Consequently, soil ...