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  • Applications of percolation theory to fungal spread with synergy 

    Ludlam, Jonathan J.; Gibson, Gavin J.; Otten, Wilfred; Gilligan, Christopher A. (The Royal Society, 2012-05)
    There is increasing interest in the use of the percolation paradigm to analyze and predict the progress of disease spreading in spatially-structured populations of animals and plants. The wider utility of the approach ...
  • Bayesian estimation for percolation models of disease spread in plant populations 

    Gibson, Gavin J.; Otten, Wilfred; Filipe, J. A. N.; Cook, Alex R.; Marion, Glenn; Gilligan, Christopher A. (Springer Verlag, 2006-12)
    Statistical methods are formulated for fitting and testing percolation-based, spatio-temporal models that are generally applicable to biological or physical processes that evolve in spatially distributed populations. The ...
  • Estimation of multiple transmission rates for epidemics in heterogeneous populations 

    Cook, Alex R.; Otten, Wilfred; Marion, Glenn; Gibson, Gavin J.; Gilligan, Christopher A. (The National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 2007-12)
    One of the principal challenges in epidemiological modeling is to parameterize models with realistic estimates for transmission rates in order to analyze strategies for control and to predict disease outcomes. Using a ...