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  • Age, puberty and attractiveness judgments in adolescents 

    Saxton, Tamsin K.; Kohoutova, Dagmar; Roberts, S. Craig; Jones, Benedict C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Havlicek, Jan (Elsevier, 2010-12)
    Previous work has suggested that judgments of the attractiveness of some facial and vocal features change during adolescence. Here, over 70 Czech adolescents aged 12–14 made forced-choice attractiveness judgments on ...
  • Body odor quality predicts behavioral attractiveness in humans 

    Roberts, S. Craig; Kralevich, Alexandra; Ferdenzi, Camille; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Jones, Benedict C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Little, Anthony C.; Havlicek, Jan (Springer Verlag, 2011-12)
    Growing effort is being made to understand how different attractive physical traits co-vary within individuals, partly because this might indicate an underlying index of genetic quality. In humans, attention has focused ...
  • A brief introduction to "human pheromones" 

    Saxton, Tamsin K.; Havlicek, Jan (Nova Science Publishers, 2010)
  • Chapter three - Current issues in the study of androstenes in human chemosignaling 

    Havlicek, Jan; Murray, Alice K.; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Roberts, S. Craig (Elsevier, 2010)
    We review research on the 16-androstenes and their special claim, born originally of the finding that androstenes function as boar pheromones, to be human chemosignals. Microbial fauna in human axillae act upon the ...
  • The effect of diet on human bodily odors 

    Havlicek, Jan; Saxton, Tamsin K. (Nova Science Publishers, 2009)
  • He sees, she smells? Male and female reports of sensory reliance in mate choice and non-mate choice contexts 

    Havlicek, Jan; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Roberts, S. Craig; Jozifkova, Eva; Lhota, Stanislav; Valentova, Jaroslava; Flegr, Jaroslav (Elsevier, 2008-10)
    Men and women differ in the importance that they ascribe to the characters of a potential mate. Previous work has shown that women rate olfactory cues as more important than men in mate choice. We investigated whether this ...