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  • Compulsion, persuasion and behavioural change: What now for the cotton bud? 

    Hendry, Sarah (W. Green, 2001-02)
    In this paper, the author presents some of the findings of a multi-disciplinary research project on the management of 'domestic sanitary waste'. Current methods for disposal of these wastes cause environmental problems, ...
  • Scotland's water: Safe clean affordable public? 

    Hendry, Sarah (University of New Mexico School of Law, 2003)
    This article assesses the current and future management of water resources, and provision of water services, in Scotland. New quality and technical standards continue to require increased investment, whilst higher charges ...
  • Sustainable disposal of domestic sanitary waste 

    Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Souter, Nicki; Hendry, Sarah; Moir, James; Dunkerley, Judith; Davies, John; Butler, David; Cook, Andrew; Conlin, Jim; Squibbs, Martin; Britton, Andrew; Goldie, Peter (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2005-02)
    The study presented is an example of the assessment of the relative sustainability of either option for disposal of domestic sanitary waste, either via the toilet or via the solid waste route. This required an evaluation ...
  • SWARD: decision support processes for the UK water industry 

    Butler, David; Jowitt, Paul; Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Davies, John; Oltean-Dumbrava, C.; McIlkenny, G.; Foxon, T. J.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Smith, Heidi; Cavill, S.; Leach, M.; Pearson, P.; Gouda, H.; Samson, W.; Souter, Nicki; Hendry, Sarah; Moir, James; Bouchart, Francois J.-C. (Emerald, 2003)
    In industrialised countries water service providers (WSPs) must provide an appropriate level of service with an acceptable performance at an acceptable cost to customers. In the UK a move towards sustainable development ...
  • Water resources and water pollution 

    Hendry, Sarah (Thomson, W. Green, 2007)
    This chapter examines the law and practice on water pollution in Scotland.
  • Worth the paper that it's written on? An analysis of statutory duty in modern environmental law 

    Hendry, Sarah (Sweet & Maxwell, 2005-09)
    Evaluates the effectiveness of existing rules governing statutory duty in an environmental context. Comments on the shortcomings of the regime revealed by the House of Lords ruling in Marcic v Thames Water Utilities Ltd ...