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  • Temporally resolved electro-optic effect 

    Jamison, S. P.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Berden, G.; Jaroszynski, D. A.; Gillespie, W. Allan (Optical Society of America, 2006-06)
    The electro-optic effect between an ultrafast optical probe pulse and an ultrashort terahertz pulse is shown to depend on the time derivatives of the product of the probe and the terahertz electric fields. Application of ...
  • Upconversion of a relativistic Coulomb field terahertz pulse to the near infrared 

    Jamison, S. P.; Berden, G.; Phillips, P. J.; Gillespie, W. Allan; MacLeod, Allan M. (American Institute of Physics, 2010-06-10)
    We demonstrate the spectral upconversion of a unipolar subpicosecond terahertz (THz) pulse, where the THz pulse is the Coulomb field of a single relativistic electron bunch. The upconversion to the optical allows remotely ...