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  • The impact and mode of action of phenolic compounds extracted from brown seaweed on mixed anaerobic microbial cultures 

    Hierholtzer, A.; Chatellard, L.; Kierans, M.; Akunna, Joseph C.; Collier, Phillip J. (Wiley-Blackwell and The Society for Applied Microbiology, 2013-04)
    This study discusses the effect of phenolic compounds extracted from brown seaweed (phlorotannins) on mixed microbial cultures found in anaerobic systems. Assays were conducted with phloroglucinol as the nonpolymerized ...
  • Microemulsions are highly effective anti-biofilm agents 

    Al-Adham, I. S. I.; Al-Hmoud, N. D.; Khalil, E.; Kierans, M.; Collier, Phillip J. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2003-02)
    Aims: The demonstration of the antibiofilm effects of pharmaceutical microemulsions. Methods and Results: Microemulsions were prepared as physically stable oil/water systems. Previous work by this group has shown that ...
  • Structural analysis of anaerobic granules in a phase separated reactor by electron microscopy 

    Baloch, M. I.; Akunna, Joseph C.; Kierans, M.; Collier, Phillip J. (Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam, 2008-03)
    This paper discusses the microbial community structure of anaerobic granules and the effect of phase separation in anaerobic reactor on the characteristics of granules. Electron micrographs revealed that the core of anaerobic ...