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  • Applications of percolation theory to fungal spread with synergy 

    Ludlam, Jonathan J.; Gibson, Gavin J.; Otten, Wilfred; Gilligan, Christopher A. (The Royal Society, 2012-05)
    There is increasing interest in the use of the percolation paradigm to analyze and predict the progress of disease spreading in spatially-structured populations of animals and plants. The wider utility of the approach ...
  • Synergy in spreading processes: from exploitative to explorative foraging strategies 

    Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Ludlam, Jonathan J.; Taraskin, Sergei N.; Gilligan, Christopher A. (American Physical Society, 2011-05)
    An epidemiological model which incorporates synergistic effects that allow the infectivity and/or susceptibility of hosts to be dependent on the number of infected neighbours is proposed. Constructive synergy induces an ...