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  • Graduate attributes in higher education: profiles or competencies? 

    Moir, James (British Sociological Association, 2011-04-08)
    Higher education is in a state of transformation across the world. The 2009 synthesis report from the Global University Network for Innovation draws attention to the many challenges that confront the sector. There is a ...
  • Graduate attributes, personalisation and citizenship 

    Moir, James (Inter-Disciplinary.Net, 2011-03-13)
    Higher education is in a state of transformation across the world. However, given the worldwide economic situation, there are emerging tensions that bear upon this upheaval such as reactive versus proactive approaches with ...
  • Hyperreal higher education 

    Moir, James (Peter Lang, 2013)
  • Interviewing children for the purposes of research in primary care 

    Morison, Moya; Moir, James; Kwansa, Theo (Cambridge University Press, 2000)
    Interviewing can provide unique opportunities for professionals to gain some understanding of the child's subjective experience, where other means of data collection are inappropriate and other sources of data are less ...
  • The language of political opinion: discourse, rhetoric and voting behavior 

    Moir, James (John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2010)
  • Moving to a new climate of opinion 

    Moir, James (IOP Publishing, 2009-03-12)
    This paper considers the ways in which people’s sense of global environmental climate change and damage is located within a range of discourses that trade upon notions of personal opinion, sense of responsibility and ...
  • Nineteenth century newspaper accounts of a murder committed by an inmate of a Scottish asylum 

    Ion, Robin M.; Pegg, Samantha; Moir, James (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
    This study explores an incident from the late nineteenth century in which an inmate at the Royal Dundee Lunatic Asylum murdered a fellow patient while working in the hospital grounds. The incident was reported extensively ...
  • Perceptions of personal development planning in sociology and social science: the Scottish higher education context 

    Moir, James; Di Domenico, Catherine; Vertigans, Stephen; Sutton, Philip W. (University of Birmingham, 2008-11)
    In the United Kingdom (UK) it has been just over ten years since personal development planning (PDP) was proposed by the National Commission into Higher Education (Dearing 1997), and, since then, it has become a central ...
  • Personal development planning and graduate attributes: balancing employability and citizenship 

    Moir, James (Rīgas Pedagoģijas un izglītības vadības akadēmija, 2010)
    Introduction. Much has been made of students reflecting on their experience in higher education through personal development planning (PDP) and the acquisition and documenting of graduate attributes (GAs). This has ...
  • The personal, the platform & the political 

    Moir, James (The Higher Education Academy, 2009-01-16)
    This paper examines issues surround the use of electronic portfolios for personal development planning (PDP) in sociology. These are now a common feature of many virtual learning environments (VLEs) across higher education ...
  • The personal, the platform and the political 

    Moir, James (University of Birmingham, 2009-11)
    This paper examines issues surrounding the use of electronic portfolios for personal development planning (PDP) in sociology. These are now a common feature of many virtual learning environments (VLEs) across higher education ...
  • Presenting politics: persuasion and performance across genres of political communication 

    Moir, James (John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2013)
    The study of political persuasion has traditionally examined the components of communication in terms of the source, nature and recipients of messages. This approach is based on the assumption of communication as a ...
  • The role of computer software in the analysis of qualitative data: efficient clerk, research assistant or Trojan horse? 

    Morison, Moya; Moir, James (Wiley-Blackwell, 1998-07)
    In the last 15 years there has been a proliferation of computer software packages designed to facilitate qualitative data analysis. The programs can be classified, according to function, into a number of broad categories ...
  • Seeing and hearing children: an age of discourse 

    Moir, James (Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, 2006-09-22)
    This paper explores discourse about children in terms of how they are made visible and how they are heard. The main concern is to explore how the category 'child' is related to notion of age in terms of adult-child relations ...
  • Studying dilemmas in gender-neutral discourse 

    Moir, James (The Centre for Gender Studies, Stockholm University, 2009-02-06)
    This paper considers the ideological effects of recent person-centred discourse concerning personal development planning (PDP) and work-life balance (WLB). Two inter-related areas are examined as key sites of this discourse: ...
  • Sustainability criteria for decision support in the UK water industry 

    Foxon, T. J.; Mcilkenny, G.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Oltean-Dumbrava, C.; Souter, N.; Ashley, R.; Butler, D.; Pearson, P.; Jowitt, P.; Moir, James (Taylor & Francis, 2002)
    The incorporation of sustainability assessment into decision-making processes is a key task for water service providers in the UK and elsewhere. This paper describes the development and application of a set of sustainability ...
  • Sustainable disposal of domestic sanitary waste 

    Ashley, Richard; Blackwood, David J.; Souter, Nicki; Hendry, Sarah; Moir, James; Dunkerley, Judith; Davies, John; Butler, David; Cook, Andrew; Conlin, Jim; Squibbs, Martin; Britton, Andrew; Goldie, Peter (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2005-02)
    The study presented is an example of the assessment of the relative sustainability of either option for disposal of domestic sanitary waste, either via the toilet or via the solid waste route. This required an evaluation ...
  • SWARD: decision support processes for the UK water industry 

    Butler, D.; Jowitt, P.; Ashley, R.; Blackwood, David J.; Davies, J.; Oltean-Dumbrava, C.; McIlkenny, G.; Foxon, T.; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Smith, H.; Cavill, S.; Leach, M.; Pearson, P.; Gouda, H.; Samson, W.; Souter, N.; Hendry, S.; Moir, James; Bouchart, F. (Emerald, 2003)
    In industrialised countries water service providers (WSPs) must provide an appropriate level of service with an acceptable performance at an acceptable cost to customers. In the UK a move towards sustainable development ...
  • Talking realistically about nursing: a thematic analysis of nursing course selection interview discourse 

    Moir, James; Abraham, Charles (Wiley-Blackwell, 1995-04)
    This study examines the dialogue within selection interviews for places on a graduate nursing programme. The analysis focuses upon the way in which a ‘realistic’ knowledge of nursing is tested for, and demonstrated through, ...
  • Talking thoughts and feelings 

    Moir, James (Liguori Editore srl, 2008)