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  • Research Ethics in Exercise, Health and Sport Sciences 

    McNamee, Mike J.; Olivier, Steve; Wainwright, Paul (Routledge, 2006-10-17)
  • Tests for predicting endurance kayak performance 

    Olivier, Steve; Coetsee, M. F. (Stellenbosch University, 2002)
    Objectives: Previous studies investigating factors contributing to kayak performance have employed sophisticated physiological measures, and the use of specialised dynamometers, to simulate the kayak stroke. Such measures ...
  • The theory and practice of teaching research ethics 

    Olivier, Steve (Stellenbosch University, 1998)
    There is general agreement that research involving human participants is important to the development of new knowledge in several areas. However, the interface between science and society has historically been beset with ...
  • What do young athletes implicitly understand about psychological skills? 

    McCarthy, Paul J.; Jones, Marc V.; Harwood, Chris G.; Olivier, Steve (Human Kinetics, 2010-06)
    One reason sport psychologists teach psychological skills is to enhance performance in sport; but the value of psychological skills for young athletes is questionable because of the qualitative and quantitative differences ...
  • ‘You don't understand us!’ an inside perspective on adventure climbing 

    Holland-Smith, David; Olivier, Steve (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    This paper presents a specific (insider) perspective of a small group of experienced male Scottish adventure climbers and explores through in-depth semi-structured interviews their attitudes, strategies and justifications ...
  • 'Your Wave, Bro!': virtue ethics and surfing 

    Olivier, Steve (Routledge, 2010-09)
    Exclusionary and sometimes violent behaviours have historically been tacitly accepted in surfing under the banner of 'localism', or territorialism. In competition for an increasingly scarce resource (waves), vice is often ...