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  • Interocular orientation disparity and the stereoscopic perception of slanted surfaces 

    Heeley, D. W.; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C.; Reid, G.; Maitland, F. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2003)
    The orientation threshold for two-dimensional filtered noise stimuli was estimated using forced-choice procedures with both dioptic and dichoptic viewing. In the dioptic case the two patterns were co-rotated. In the dichoptic ...
  • Orientation disparity and the perception of surface slant 

    Heeley, D. W.; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C.; Reid, G. (Pion, 2002)
    It has been suggested that the perceptual impression of slant can result from the operation of mechanisms that are sensitive to orientation disparities between the retinal images. We have estimated the threshold for dichoptic ...