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  • Spatial distribution of bacterial communities and their relationships with the micro-architecture of soil 

    Nunan, Naoise; Wu, Kejian; Young, Iain M.; Crawford, John W.; Ritz, Karl (Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2003-05-15)
    Biological soil thin-sections and a combination of image analysis and geostatistical tools were used to conduct a detailed investigation into the distribution of bacteria in soil and their relationship with pores. The ...
  • Three-dimensional microorganization of the soil–root–microbe system 

    Feeney, Debbie S.; Crawford, John W.; Daniell, Tim; Hallett, Paul D.; Nunan, Naoise; Ritz, Karl; Rivers, Mak; Young, Iain M. (Springer New York, 2006-07)
    Soils contain the greatest reservoir of biodiversity on Earth, and the functionality of the soil ecosystem sustains the rest of the terrestrial biosphere. This functionality results from complex interactions between ...