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  • Addressing attendance 

    Simpson, Edward (University of Hull, 2001)
    Within the School of Science and Engineering during the session 2000/2001 a policy was adopted of monitoring non-attendance as an early warning indicator and focusing action through the Advisor of Studies with reports to ...
  • Collaborations: smoothing the transition experience 

    Simpson, Edward; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Leslie, D. (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, 2015-06)
    A unique approach to providing students in transition to a new HE experience is for HE and FE institutions to offer collaborative delivery and management of courses. Abertay University works in collaboration with Fife ...
  • Combining work and study – a solution? 

    Simpson, Edward (University of Hull, 2001)
    Anyone dealing regularly with advising students is aware of the conflict between academic and non-academic pursuits, in particular paid employment, that can lead to under-performance and absence frequently followed by ...
  • Effective student motivation commences with resolving 'dissatisfiers' 

    Prescott, Ann; Simpson, Edward (Taylor & Francis, 2004-08)
    The evolution in students' expectations based on Maslow's theory of human motivation shows a transition from expectations having an effect upon motivation towards those providing a satisfactory experience. Maslow's argument ...
  • Effective student motivation commences with resolving ‘dissatisfiers’ 

    Prescott, Ann; Simpson, Edward (Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre, 2002-11-27)
  • Major project team learning: examining building information modelling 

    Simpson, Edward; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Isaacs, John P. (Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 2015-09)
    The speed of technological advancement of software development drives the need for individual and team learning to exploit these developments for competitive advantage. Using a major long term redevelopment as a case study ...
  • A network approach to overcoming barriers to market engagement for SMEs in energy efficiency initiatives such as the Green Deal 

    O'Keeffe, Juliette; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Simpson, Edward (Elsevier, 2016-08-13)
    The Green Deal (GD) was launched in 2013 by the UK Government as a market-led scheme to encourage uptake of energy efficiency measures in the UK and create green sector jobs. The scheme closed in July 2015 after 30 months ...
  • Peer support equals successful study 

    Simpson, Edward; Ogwuda, Olisanwendu Ikechukwuka (The Higher Education Academy, 2004-07)
    Wondered how to get a very nearly 100% pass rate in a subject new to undergraduates?
  • The role of sustainability assessment in sustainability management for urban redevelopment 

    Gilmour, Daniel J.; Blackwood, David J.; Falconer, Ruth E.; Isaacs, John P.; Simpson, Edward (Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 2015-09)
    Sustainability assessment has the potential to influence decision making and hence to improve the management of sustainability. This paper presents the development and reporting of benchmark sustainability indicators and ...
  • Undergraduate construction skills application 

    Ogwuda, Olisanwendu Ikechukwuka; Simpson, Edward; Ralph, Gerry (Accelerating Change in Built Environment Education (ACBEE), 2004)
    The case study is a "hands-on" simulation of construction site activities. Undertaken by 2nd year undergraduate students in construction courses at the Abertay University and involves building a full-scale reinforced ...
  • Vocational training and knowledge development: a deeper understanding 

    Gilmour, Daniel J.; Simpson, Edward; Blackwood, David J.; McCallum, Claire; Logan, George (ARCOM, 2016-09-05)
    Construction management research literature has identified the importance of understanding the practical realities of skills and training provision and the role of reflective practice in the development of knowledge. This ...
  • Water for Walami : a strategy game 

    Simpson, Edward; Ogwuda, Olisanwendu Ikechukwuka (SAGSET, 2006)
    Educationalists may still develop practical and high quality learning resources that are not digital. The authors, having explored the potential difficulties in designing electronic based educational games, were determined ...
  • Work to win: formative feedback on demand 

    Simpson, Edward (The Higher Education Academy, 2004-06)
    Students are given the opportunity to submit and receive formative feedback on draft pieces of coursework at any stage in the learning process, giving them timely advice that they can act upon, learn from, and resubmit ...