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  • Vocational training and knowledge development: a deeper understanding 

    Gilmour, Daniel J.; Simpson, Edward; Blackwood, David J.; McCallum, Claire; Logan, George (ARCOM, 2016-09-05)
    Construction management research literature has identified the importance of understanding the practical realities of skills and training provision and the role of reflective practice in the development of knowledge. This ...
  • Water for Walami : a strategy game 

    Simpson, Edward; Ogwuda, Olisanwendu Ikechukwuka (SAGSET, 2006)
    Educationalists may still develop practical and high quality learning resources that are not digital. The authors, having explored the potential difficulties in designing electronic based educational games, were determined ...
  • Work to win: formative feedback on demand 

    Simpson, Edward (The Higher Education Academy, 2004-06)
    Students are given the opportunity to submit and receive formative feedback on draft pieces of coursework at any stage in the learning process, giving them timely advice that they can act upon, learn from, and resubmit ...