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  • Some aspects of complex interactions involving soil mesofauna: analysis of the results from a Scottish woodland 

    Krivtsov, Vladimir; Illian, J. B.; Liddell, Keith; Garside, Adam; Bezginova, Tanya; Salmond, Ross; Thompson, Jacqueline A.; Griffiths, Bryan S.; Staines, Harry J.; Watling, Roy; Brendler, A.; Palfreyman, John W. (Elsevier, 2003-12)
    Stepwise regression modelling and canonical correspondence analysis were used to analyse data on soil properties and the abundance of soil mesofauna collected from a woodland typical of the Borders of Scotland. The pattern ...
  • Some aspects of interrelations between fungi and other biota in forest soil 

    Krivtsov, Vladimir; Griffiths, Bryan S.; Salmond, Ross; Liddell, Keith; Garside, Adam; Bezginova, Tanya; Thompson, Jacqueline A.; Staines, Harry J.; Watling, Roy; Palfreyman, John W. (Elsevier, 2004-08)
    Interrelations of fungal mycelium with other soil biota are of paramount importance in forestry and soil ecology. Here we present the results of statistical analysis of a comprehensive data set collected in the first (and ...
  • Use of response surfaces to investigate metal ion interactions in yeast fermentations 

    Chandrasena, G.; Walker, Graeme M.; Staines, Harry J. (American Society of Brewing Chemists, 1997)
    The metal cations K(^+), Mg(^2+), Ca(^2+), and Zn(^2+) are known to directly influence fermentative metabolism in yeast, and therefore knowledge of their interactions is essential to manipulate their availability in ...