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  • Cognitive and learning difficulties and how they affect access to IT systems 

    Keates, Simeon; Adams, Ray; Bodine, Cathy; Czaja, Sara; Gordon, Wayne; Gregor, Peter; Hacker, Emily; Hanson, Vicki; Kemp, John; Laff, Mark; Lewis, Clayton; Pieper, Michael; Richards, John; Rose, David; Savidis, Anthony; Schultz, Greg; Snayd, Paul; Trewin, Shari; Varker, Philip (Springer Verlag, 2007-04)
    In October 2005, the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center and T.J. Watson Research Center hosted a symposium on “cognitive and learning difficulties and how they affect access to IT systems”. The central premise of ...
  • Improving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser 

    Hanson, Vicki; Brezin, J. P.; Crayne, S.; Keates, Simeon; Kjeldsen, R.; Richards, John; Swart, C.; Trewin, Shari (International Business Machines Corporation/IEEE, 2005)
    The accessibility Works project provides software enhancements to the Mozilla™ Web browser and allows users to control their browsing environment. Although Web accessibility standards specify markup that must be incorporated ...
  • Individual responses to a method of cursor assistance 

    Trewin, Shari; Keates, Simeon; Moffatt, Karyn (Informa Healthcare, 2008-01)
    Purpose. The aim of this study was to evaluate a new click assistance technique, Steady Clicks, designed to help computer users with motor impairments to click more accurately using a mouse. Specifically, Steady Clicks ...