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  • Recent advances in the development of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as new therapeutics in oncology and cardiology 

    Zhelev, Nikolai; Tummala, Hemanth; Trifonov, Dimitar; D’Ascanio, Isabella; Oluwaseun, Omoboye Adebola; Fischer, Peter M. (Elsevier, 2013-07)
    Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) play important roles in the regulation of fundamental processes such as transcription and cell cycle control. That is why CDK inhibitors might be useful in many therapeutic applications where ...
  • Repair, abort, ignore? Strategies for dealing with UV damage 

    Tummala, Hemanth; Khalil, Hilal S.; Zhelev, Nikolai (Diagnosis Press, 2011-08)
    DNA repair is a prominent member of the nuclear transactions triad (replication, transcription, and repair). Sophisticated mechanisms govern the cellular process of decision-making (to repair or not to repair, to proceed ...
  • Targeting ATM pathway for therapeutic intervention in cancer 

    Khalil, Hilal S.; Tummala, Hemanth; Chakarov, Stoyan; Zhelev, Nikolai; Lane, David P. (Dundee Science Press, 2012-07-29)
    The Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated gene encodes the ATM protein, a key element in the DNA damage response (DDR) signalling pathway responsible for maintaining genomic integrity within the cell. The ATM protein belongs to a ...