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  • Repair, abort, ignore? Strategies for dealing with UV damage 

    Tummala, Hemanth; Khalil, Hilal S.; Zhelev, Nikolai Z. (Diagnosis Press, 2011-08)
    DNA repair is a prominent member of the nuclear transactions triad (replication, transcription, and repair). Sophisticated mechanisms govern the cellular process of decision-making (to repair or not to repair, to proceed ...
  • Targeting ATM pathway for therapeutic intervention in cancer 

    Khalil, Hilal S.; Tummala, Hemanth; Chakarov, Stoyan; Zhelev, Nikolai Z.; Lane, David P. (Dundee Science Press, 2012-07-29)
    The Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated gene encodes the ATM protein, a key element in the DNA damage response (DDR) signalling pathway responsible for maintaining genomic integrity within the cell. The ATM protein belongs to a ...