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  • Transparent soil for imaging the rhizosphere 

    Downie, Helen; Holden, Nicola; Otten, Wilfred; Spiers, Andrew J.; Valentine, Tracy A.; Dupuy, Lionel X. (Public Library of Science, 2012-09)
    Understanding of soil processes is essential for addressing the global issues of food security, disease transmission and climate change. However, techniques for observing soil biology are lacking. We present a heterogeneous, ...
  • Transparent soil microcosms allow 3D spatial quantification of soil microbiological processes in vivo 

    Downie, Helen F.; Valentine, Tracy A.; Otten, Wilfred; Spiers, Andrew J.; Dupuy, Lionel X. (Taylor & Francis, 2014-10-01)
    The recently developed transparent soil consists of particles of Nafion, a polymer with a low refractive index (RI), which is prepared by milling and chemical treatment for use as a soil analogue. After the addition of a ...