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  • Biological invasion in soil: complex network analysis 

    Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Taraskin, Sergei N.; Neri, F. M.; Gilligan, Christopher A.; Costa, Luciano da F.; Viana, M. P.; Otten, Wilfred; Grinev, Dmitri V. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-07)
    A network model for soil pore space is developed and applied to the analysis of biological invasion of microorganisms in soil. The model was parameterized for two soil samples with different compaction (loosely and densely ...
  • Prominent effect of soil network heterogeneity on microbial invasion 

    Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Taraskin, Sergei N.; Otten, Wilfred; Viana, M. P.; Costa, Luciano da F.; Gilligan, Christopher A. (American Physical Society, 2012)
    Using a network representation for real soil samples and mathematical models for microbial spread, we show that the structural heterogeneity of the soil habitat may have a very significant influence on the size of microbial ...