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  • A Ba2+-resistant, acid-sensitive K+ conductance in Na+-absorbing H441 human airway epithelial cells 

    Inglis, Sarah K.; Brown, Sean G.; Constable, Maree J.; McTavish, Niall; Olver, Richard E.; Wilson, Stuart M. (American Physiological Society, 2007-02-02)
    By analysis of whole cell membrane currents in Na+-absorbing H441 human airway epithelial cells, we have identified a K+ conductance (GK) resistant to Ba2+ but sensitive to bupivacaine or extracellular acidification. In ...
  • Specific loss of CatSper function is sufficient to compromise fertilizing capacity of human spermatozoa 

    Williams, Hannah L.; Mansell, Steven; Alasmari, Wardah; Brown, Sean G.; Wilson, Stuart M.; Sutton, Keith A.; Miller, Melissa R.; Lishko, Polina V.; Barratt, Christopher L. R.; Publicover, Steven J.; Martins da Silva, Sarah (Oxford University Press, 2015-10-08)
    STUDY QUESTION Are significant abnormalities of CatSper function present in IVF patients with normal sperm concentration and motility and if so what is their functional significance for fertilization success? SUMMARY ...