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  • Edge enhancement by use of moving gratings in a bismuth silicon oxide crystal and its application to optical correlation 

    Wang, Zhaoqi; Zhang, Hui; Cartwright, Colin M.; Ding, Meisong S.; Cook, Nick J. (Optical Society of America, 1998)
    The technique of moving gratings in a photorefractive crystal is applied to the edge enhancement of objects and edge-enhanced optical correlation. The nonlinear dependence of the optimum fringe velocity on the fringe ...
  • Triple joint transform correlator 

    Zhang, Hui; Cartwright, Colin M.; Ding, Meisong; Gillespie, G. A. (The International Society for Optical Engineering, 1999)
    The joint transform correlator (JTC) is a robust architecture for optical object recognition or verification and has been investigated intensively for a number of years. In order to improve its performance digital processing, ...