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  • Subsidy and Local bus service deregulation in Britain : a re-evaluation 

    Romilly, Peter (School of Management, University of Bath, 2001-05)
    Local bus services in Britain (excluding London) were deregulated in October 1986. Bus vehicle kilometres increased after deregulation, but passenger journeys fell and bus fares increased in real terms. The inability to ...
  • Time series modelling of global mean temperature for managerial decision-making 

    Romilly, Peter (Elsevier Ltd, 2005-07)
    Climate change has important implications for business and economic activity. Effective management of climate change impacts will depend on the availability of accurate and cost-effective forecasts. This paper uses univariate ...
  • Welfare evaluation with a road capacity constraint 

    Romilly, Peter (Elsevier Ltd., 2004-05)
    Severe traffic congestion in and around many cities across the world has resulted in programmes of extensive road building and other capacity increasing projects. But traffic congestion has often not fallen in the long run ...