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  • The basic chemistry of exercise-induced DNA oxidation: oxidative damage, redox signalling and their interplay 

    Cobley, James N.; Margaritelis, Nikos V.; Morton, James P.; Close, Graeme L.; Nikolaidis, Michalis G.; Malone, John K. (Frontiers, 2015-06-17)
    Acute exercise increases reactive oxygen and nitrogen species generation. This phenomenon is associated with two major outcomes: (1) redox signalling and (2) macromolecule damage. Mechanistic knowledge of how exercise-induced ...
  • A novel ataxia-telangiectasia mutated autoregulatory feedback mechanism in murine embryonic stem cells 

    Clyde, Robert G.; Craig, Ashley L.; Breed, Lucas de; Bown, James L.; Forrester, Leslie; Vojtesek, Borivoj; Smith, Graeme; Hupp, Ted R.; Crawford, John W. (The Royal Society, 2009-12)
    Ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) is known to play a central role in effecting the DNA damage response that protects somatic cells from potentially harmful mutations, and in this role it is a key anti-cancer agent. ...
  • Repair, abort, ignore? Strategies for dealing with UV damage 

    Tummala, Hemanth; Khalil, Hilal S.; Zhelev, Nikolai (Diagnosis Press, 2011-08)
    DNA repair is a prominent member of the nuclear transactions triad (replication, transcription, and repair). Sophisticated mechanisms govern the cellular process of decision-making (to repair or not to repair, to proceed ...