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  • Chemistry driven by suction 

    Wu, Zhilin; Ondruschka, Bernd; Zhang, Yongchun; Bremner, David H.; Shen, Haifeng; Franke, Marcus (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009)
    The use of suction rather than positive pressure hydrodynamic cavitation is suggested as an energy efficient green technology. The restriction orifice for creating hydrodynamic cavitation is fixed on the suction side of ...
  • The chemistry of ultrasonic degradation of organic compounds 

    Bremner, David H.; Burgess, Arthur E.; Chand, Rashmi (Bentham Science Publishers, 2011-01)
    The destruction of toxic organic molecules using advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) is a potent tool for pollution control and environmental protection. Ultrasound is a convenient and effective method of generating hydroxyl ...