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  • Biomass recycling: a key to efficient foraging by fungal colonies 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Bown, James L.; White, Nia A.; Crawford, John W. (Nordic Ecological Society, 2007-09)
    Using an existing fungal growth model that captures the physiological processes of vegetative growth and development of a fungal colony, and in particular incorporates, for the first time, a recycling of biomass mechanism, ...
  • Microscale heterogeneity explains experimental variability and non-linearity in soil organic matter mineralisation 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Battaia, Guillaume; Schmidt, Sonja; Baveye, Philippe C.; Chenu, Claire; Otten, Wilfred (PLoS, 2015-05-19)
    Soil respiration represents the second largest CO2 flux from terrestrial ecosystems to the atmosphere, and a small rise could significantly contribute to further increase in atmospheric CO2. Unfortunately, the extent of ...
  • Modelling fungal colonies and communities: challenges and opportunities 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Bown, James L.; McAdam, Eilidh V.; Perez-Reche, Paco; Sampson, Adam T.; van den Bulcke, Jan; White, Nia A.; Perez-Reche, Francisco J. (International Mycological Association, 2010-12)
    This contribution, based on a Special Interest Group session held during IMC9, focuses on physiological based models of filamentous fungal colony growth and interactions. Fungi are known to be an important component of ...