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  • A hybrid power system for remote areas in Jordan 

    Halawani, Mohanad; Ozveren, Cuneyt Suheyl (IEEE, 2015)
    This paper presents a techno-economic assessment for a unique Isolated Hybrid Power System (IHPS) design for remote areas isolated from the grid which also has the capability of being operated as a smart μ-grid. The share ...
  • A review of the use of genetic algorithms in economic load dispatch 

    Warsono, W.; Ozveren, Cuneyt Suheyl; King, David J.; Bradley, David A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2008)
    This paper presents a review of many previous papers on the use of genetic algorithms (GA) for solving the problem of economic load dispatch (ELD) for power systems. The paper will cover several topics, i.e. a brief ...