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  • Gross solid transport in sewers 

    Butler, D.; Davies, J. W.; Jefferies, Christopher; Schütze, M. (Thomas Telford, 2003-06)
    Gross solid transport in sewers has been studied in the laboratory, by theoretical analysis, and in the field. A simplified model is proposed that can be run as an extension of existing sewer software packages (for example ...
  • Modelling head losses in granular bed anaerobic baffled reactors at high flows during start-up 

    Shanmugam, A. S.; Akunna, Joseph C. (Elsevier, 2010-10)
    Anaerobic treatment of low strength, high flow wastewaters can only be effective if the technology employed can meet key hydrodynamic requirements: maximising the contact surface area and contact period between the influent ...
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater effluents using hydrodynamic cavitation and the advanced Fenton process 

    Chakinala, Anand G.; Gogate, Parag R.; Burgess, Arthur E.; Bremner, David H. (Elsevier, 2008-01)
    For the first time, hydrodynamic cavitation induced by a liquid whistle reactor (LWR) has been used in conjunction with the advanced Fenton process (AFP) for the treatment of real industrial wastewater. Semi-batch experiments ...