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  • Building bridges between user and designer: co-creation, immersion and perspective taking 

    Martinez, Santiago; Isaacs, John P.; Fernandez-Gutierrez, Fabiola; Gilmour, Daniel J.; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C. (Springer, 2016-07-08)
    Designing for users rather than with users is still a common practice in technology design and innovation as opposed to taking them on board in the process. Design for inclusion aims to define and understand end-users, ...
  • I cried to dream again: discovery and meaning-making in walking simulators 

    Bozdog, Mona; Galloway, Dayna (Digital Games Research Association and Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games, 2016-08-01)
    This paper proposes a reclaiming of walking simulators as rich, self-contained, layered, and complex game worlds that pull their audiences in and engage them through experiential aesthetics and the mechanics of exploration. ...
  • Information visualization and the arts-science-social science interface 

    Bown, James L.; Fee, Kenneth; Sampson, Adam T.; Shovman, Mark; Falconer, Ruth E.; Goltsov, Alexey; Issacs, John P.; Robertson, Paul; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C.; Szymkowiak, Andrea (ACM, 2010)
    In a world of ever-increasing and newly discovered complexities, and rapidly expanding data sets describing man-made and natural phenomena, information visualization offers a means of structuring and enabling interpretation ...