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  • 3D visualisation and artistic imagery to enhance interest in ‘hidden environments’ – new approaches to soil science 

    Gilford, Jenny; Falconer, Ruth E.; Wade, Rebecca; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C. (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
    Interactive Virtual Environments (VEs) have the potential to increase student interest in soil science. Accordingly a bespoke ‘soil atlas’ was created using Java3D as an interactive 3D VE, to show soil information in the ...
  • Changing the view: towards the theory of visualisation comprehension 

    Shovman, Mark M.; Szymkowiak, Andrea; Bown, James L.; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-07)
    The core problem of the evaluation of information visualisation is that the end product of visualisation - the comprehension of the information from the data - is difficult to measure objectively. This paper outlines a ...
  • Engineering simulations for cancer systems biology 

    Bown, James L.; Andrews, Paul S.; Deeni, Yusuf Y.; Goltsov, Alexey; Idowu, Michael A.; Polac, Fiona A.C.; Sampson, Adam T.; Shovman, Mark; Stepney, Susan (Bentham Science Publishers, 2012-11)
    Computer simulation can be used to inform in vivo and in vitro experimentation, enabling rapid, low-cost hypothesis generation and directing experimental design in order to test those hypotheses. In this way, in silico ...