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  • 3D stochastic modelling of heterogeneous porous media - Applications to reservoir rocks 

    Wu, Kejian; Van Dijke, Marinus I. J.; Couples, Gary D.; Jiang, Zeyun; Ma, Jingsheng; Sorbie, Kenneth S.; Crawford, John W.; Young, Iain M.; Zhang, Xiaoxian (Springer Netherlands, 2006-12)
    The creation of a 3D pore-scale model of a porous medium is often an essential step in quantitatively characterising the medium and predicting its transport properties. Here we describe a new stochastic pore space ...
  • Modeling the effect of soil meso- and macropores topology on the biodegradation of a soluble carbon substrate 

    Vogel, Laure E.; Makowski, David; Garnier, Patricia; Vieublé-Gonod, Laure; Coquet, Yves; Raynaud, Xavier; Nunan, Naoise; Chenu, Claire; Falconer, Ruth E.; Pot, Valérie (Elsevier, 2015-05-30)
    Soil structure and interactions between biotic and abiotic processes are increasingly recognized as important for explaining the large uncertainties in the outputs of macroscopic SOM decomposition models. We present a ...