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  • The EU legal framework on trafficking in human beings: where to from here – the UK perspective 

    O'Neill, Maria (UACES, 2011)
    The European Union (EU)’s current provisions on the trafficking in human beings (THB) are provided for, inter alia, in Council Framework Decision 2002/629/JHA. The Council of Europe have more recent provisions in this area, ...
  • Knowledge-based management systems for the police force 

    Olarinoye, Oluwatosin Rebecca; Seeam, Preetilia; Bellekens, Xavier; Seeam, Amar (IEEE Xplore, 2016-11-10)
    Knowledge-Based Management Systems enable new ways to process and analyse knowledge to gain better insights to solve a problem and aid in decision making. In the police force such systems provide a solution for enhancing ...
  • Witnesses in action: the effect of physical exertion on recall and recognition 

    Hope, Lorraine; Lewinski, William; Dixon, Justin; Blocksidge, David; Gabbert, Fiona (SAGE Publications, 2012-04)
    Understanding memory performance under different operational conditions is critical in many occupational settings. To examine the effect of physical exertion on memory for a witnessed event, we placed two groups of ...