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  • Model reduction by condensed continued-fraction method 

    Lucas, T. Nigel (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 1985-08)
    It is shown how the continued-fraction method of Chen and Shieh may be used on part of the transfer function to produce reduced-order models when its normal application is unsatisfactory. In addition, the truncation method ...
  • Model reduction by generalised least-squares method 

    Lucas, T. Nigel; Munro, A. R. (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 1991-07)
    The method of model reduction by least-squares moment matching is generalised to include Markov parameters in the process. This is seen to enhance the flexibility of the method with very little extra computational requirement. ...
  • Model reduction by least-squares moment matching 

    Lucas, T. Nigel; Beat, I. F. (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 1990-07)
    Model reduction by least-squares moment matching is shown to be very sensitive to the pole distribution of the original system. Systems with poles of modulus less than unity are seen to present numerical problems. A ...
  • A unifying theory of least‐squares Padé model reduction methods 

    Smith, I. D.; Lucas, T. Nigel (Sage Publications, 1996)