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  • Commitment to relationships and preferences for femininity and apparent health in faces are strongest on days of the menstrual cycle when progesterone level is high 

    Jones, Benedict C.; Little, Anthony C.; Boothroyd, Lynda G.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Feinberg, David R.; Law Smith, Miriam J.; Cornwell, R. Elisabeth; Moore, Fhionna R.; Perrett, David I. (Hormones and Behaviour, 2005-09)
    Previous studies of changes in women's behavior during the menstrual cycle have offered insight into the motivations underpinning women's preferences for social cues associated with possible direct benefits (e.g., investment, ...
  • Facial appearance is a cue to oestrogen levels in women 

    Law Smith, Miriam J.; Perrett, David I.; Jones, Benedict C.; Cornwell, R. Elisabeth; Moore, Fhionna R.; Feinberg, David R.; Boothroyd, Lynda G.; Durrani, S. J.; Stirrat, M. R.; Whiten, S.; Pitman, R. M.; Hillier, S. G. (The Royal Society, 2006-01)
    Although many accounts of facial attractiveness propose that femininity in women's faces indicates high levels of oestrogen, there is little empirical evidence in support of this assumption. Here, we used assays for urinary ...
  • Progesterone significantly enhances the mobility of boar spermatozoa 

    Campbell, Johan M.; Savage, Anne; Madamidola, Oladipo; Tamhane, Kshitij; Soriano, Renalyn; Adya, Ashok K.; Brown, Sean G. (Dundee Science Press, 2013-12-11)
    Progesterone released from the cumulus cells of the oocyte causes a number of physiological responses in human sperm cells including hyperactivation, acrosome reaction and chemotaxis. We employed a validated sperm mobility ...