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  • Challenges and opportunities for quantifying roots and rhizosphere interactions through imaging and image analysis 

    Downie, Helen; Adu, M. O.; Schmidt, Sonja; Otten, Wilfred; Dupuy, L. X.; White, P. J.; Valentine, T. A. (Wiley, 2014-11-17)
    The morphology of roots and root systems influences the efficiency by which plants acquire nutrients and water, anchor themselves and provide stability to the surrounding soil. Plant genotype and the biotic and abiotic ...
  • Plant roots release phospholipid surfactants that modify the physical and chemical properties of soil 

    Read, D. B.; Bengough, A. G.; Gregory, P. J.; Crawford, John W.; Robinson, D.; Scrimgeour, C. M.; Young, Iain M.; Zhang, K.; Zhang, Xiaoxian (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2003)
    Plant root mucilages contain powerful surfactants that will alter the interaction of soil solids with water and ions, and the rates of microbial processes. •The lipid composition of maize, lupin and wheat root mucilages ...
  • Transparent soil for imaging the rhizosphere 

    Downie, Helen; Holden, Nicola; Otten, Wilfred; Spiers, Andrew J.; Valentine, Tracy A.; Dupuy, Lionel X. (Public Library of Science, 2012-09)
    Understanding of soil processes is essential for addressing the global issues of food security, disease transmission and climate change. However, techniques for observing soil biology are lacking. We present a heterogeneous, ...