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  • The development of a rapid-prototyping technique for mechatronic-augmented heavy plant 

    Melling, G.; Bradley, David A.; McKee, H.; Widden, M. B. (Elsevier, 1997-02)
    Telechiric, semi-autonomous and autonomous heavy plant is finding an increasing role in applications such as construction, sub-sea work and decommissioning. There is a need for improved operator interfaces for such plant, ...
  • The development, control and operation of an autonomous robotic excavator 

    Bradley, David A.; Seward, Derek W. (Springer Verlag, 1998-01)
    The excavation of foundations, general earthworks and earth removal tasks are activities which involve the machine operator in a series of repetitive operations, suggesting opportunities for the automation through the ...
  • What is mechatronics and why teach it? 

    Bradley, David A. (Manchester University Press, 2004-10)
    Despite a world-wide interest in mechatronics education, there is no clear and consistent understanding of what mechatronics is, nor how, and at what level, it should be taught. The key challenge for mechatronics course ...