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  • Contributions of roots and rootstocks to sustainable, intensified crop production 

    Gregory, Peter J.; Atkinson, Christopher J.; Bengough, A. Glyn; Else, Mark A.; Fernández- Fernández, Felicidad; Harrison, Richard J.; Schmidt, Sonja (Oxford University Press, 2013-03)
    Sustainable intensification is seen as the main route for meeting the world’s increasing demands for food and fibre. As demands mount for greater efficiency in the use of resources to achieve this goal, so the focus on ...
  • Epidemics in networks of spatially correlated three-dimensional root-branching structures 

    Handford, Thomas P.; Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Taraskin, Sergei N.; Costa, Luciano da F.; Miazaki, Mauro; Neri, Franco M.; Gilligan, Christopher A. (The Royal Society, 2011-03)
    Using digitized images of the three-dimensional, branching structures for root systems of bean seedlings, together with analytical and numerical methods that map a common susceptible–infected–recovered (‘SIR’) epidemiological ...