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  • Age, puberty and attractiveness judgments in adolescents 

    Saxton, Tamsin K.; Kohoutova, Dagmar; Roberts, S. Craig; Jones, Benedict C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Havlicek, Jan (Elsevier, 2010-12)
    Previous work has suggested that judgments of the attractiveness of some facial and vocal features change during adolescence. Here, over 70 Czech adolescents aged 12–14 made forced-choice attractiveness judgments on ...
  • Produsage in hybrid networks: sociotechnical skills in the case of Arduino 

    De Paoli, Stefano; Storni, Cristiano (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
    In this paper we investigate produsage using Actor-Network Theory with a focus on (produsage) skills, their development, and transformation. We argue that produsage is not a model that determines a change in the traditional ...
  • Sociosexuality predicts women’s preferences for symmetry in men’s faces 

    Quist, Michelle C.; Watkins, Christopher D.; Smith, Finlay G.; Little, Anthony C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Jones, Benedict C. (Springer, 2012-12)
    Although men displaying cues of good physical condition possess traits that are desirable in a mate (e.g., good health), these men are also more likely to possess antisocial characteristics that are undesirable in a long-term ...