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  • Control of subsidiaries of MNCs from emerging economies in developed countries: the case of Taiwanese MNCs in the UK 

    Chang, Yi-Ying; Mellahi, Kamel; Wilkinson, Adrian (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2009-01)
    There has been considerable research over the past few decades on the process through which headquarters of multinationals from developed economies exercise control over their network of subsidiaries in foreign countries. ...
  • Governance and social information disclosure – evidence from the UK 

    Parsa, Sepideh; Kouhy, Reza; Tzovas, Christos (Interscience Publishers, 2007)
    Theoretically, corporate social responsibility should be embedded in corporate governance structures. This paper presents evidence that this is not the case for listed UK companies. Our evidence shows that in the presence ...
  • Readings in the UK energy security 

    Abdo, Hafez; Kouhy, Reza (Taylor and Francis, 2016-03-30)
    Over the last few decades, the debate about “Peak Oil” became increasingly common and frustrating to governments, oil companies, and individuals. Also in the last decade or so, some unusual events took place which have ...