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  • Maximizing alcohol yields from wheat and maize and their co-products for distilling or bioethanol production 

    Green, David I. G.; Agu, Reginald C.; Bringhurst, Thomas A.; Brosnan, James M.; Jack, Frances R.; Walker, Graeme M. (Wiley, 2015-06-22)
    The key to optimizing alcohol production from cereals is a full understanding of the physiology and processing characteristics of different cereals. This study examined the maximum alcohol yields that can be obtained from ...
  • Root phenomics of crops: opportunities and challenges 

    Gregory, Peter J.; Bengough, A. Glyn; Grinev, Dmitri V.; Schmidt, Sonja; Thomas, W. (Bill) T. B.; Wojciechowski, Tobias; Young, Iain M. (CSIRO Publishing, 2009)
    Reliable techniques for screening large numbers of plants for root traits are still being developed, but include aeroponic, hydroponic and agar plate systems. Coupled with digital cameras and image analysis software, these ...