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  • Integrating physical and chemical techniques to characterise soil microsites 

    Otten, Wilfred; Grinev, Dmitri V.; Baveye, Philippe C.; Wang, Zi; Hapca, Simona M.; Wilson, Clare (International Union of Soil Sciences, 2010-08)
    Many problems in environmental and soil research require techniques that quantify the soil microenvironment. It has become increasingly apparent that we need novel micro-analytical techniques to compliment well established ...
  • Resilience of soil to biological invasion: analysis of spread on networks 

    Otten, Wilfred; Grinev, Dmitri V.; Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Neri, Franco; Costa, Luciano da F.; Biana, Marcel; Gilligan, Christopher A.; Taraskin, Sergei N. (International Union of Soil Sciences, 2010-08)
    A network model for soil pore volume is presented and applied to the analysis of biological invasion of microorganisms. The pore geometry of two soils with a relatively high or low bulk density were quantified with the ...
  • Root phenomics of crops: opportunities and challenges 

    Gregory, Peter J.; Bengough, A. Glyn; Grinev, Dmitri V.; Schmidt, Sonja; Thomas, W. (Bill) T. B.; Wojciechowski, Tobias; Young, Iain M. (CSIRO Publishing, 2009)
    Reliable techniques for screening large numbers of plants for root traits are still being developed, but include aeroponic, hydroponic and agar plate systems. Coupled with digital cameras and image analysis software, these ...