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  • Exploring the influence of vocal emotion expression on communicative effectiveness 

    Biersack, Sonja; Kempe, Vera (Karger, 2005)
    This study explores whether speaker emotion influences communicative effectiveness. Two hundred participants rated their current emotional state and gave a description of a route on a simple map. The quality of the ...
  • The voice and face of woman: one ornament that signals quality? 

    Feinberg, David R.; Jones, Benedict C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Moore, Fhionna R.; Law Smith, Miriam J.; Cornwell, R. Elisabeth; Tiddeman, Bernard P.; Boothroyd, Lynda G.; Perrett, David I. (Elsevier, 2005-09)
    The attractiveness of women's faces, voices, bodies, and odors appear to be interrelated, suggesting that they reflect a common trait such as femininity. We invoked novel approaches to test the interrelationships between ...