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  • Cardiovascular risk factors and their responses to a 10 weeks training program in young Qatari adults 

    Kneffel, Zsuzsanna; Goebel, Ruben; Alkhatib, Ahmad (Openventio Publishers, 2015-08-04)
    Rapid development in Qatar in recent years has led to numerous changes, particularly the increased prevalence of lifestyle related health risks, with almost 50% obesity rates amongst Qataris of all ages. We investigated ...
  • Promoting the use of personal asthma action plans: a systematic review 

    Ring, Nicola; Malcolm, Cari; Wykea, Sally; MacGillivray, Steve; Dixon, Diane; Hoskins, Gaylor; Pinnock, Hilary; Sheikh, Aziz (Elsevier Science B.V. Amsterdam, 2007-10)
    OBJECTIVES: To investigate how best to encourage health professionals to promote, and for people with asthma to use, asthma action plans. METHODS: Systematic review. Randomised controlled trials published between 1960 and ...