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  • Axelos, Castoriadis, Papaioannou and Marx: towards an anti-critique 

    Memos, Christos (SAGE, 2013-12)
    The intellectual ferment that emerged in postwar France was marked by the renaissance of Hegel’s thought and the focus on Marx's early writings. In a parallel way, the death of Stalin, the uprising of 1953 in East Germany ...
  • Equality 

    Law, Alex (Brill, 2015-12-14)
    Equality is a political and moral ideal that refers to some universal condition thought to be shared by human beings. Since this inherent equality is often thought to have been corrupted by a self-interested secular world, ...
  • The maladies of social capital I: the missing 'capital' in theories of social capital 

    Law, Alex; Mooney, Gerry (Taylor & Francis, 2006-08)
    Social capital is a concept that is widely celebrated by the governing institutions of neo-liberal capitalism. Under the veneer of making social relations central to public discourse social capital obscures the extent to ...